🏝️ Hawaiʻi Fridays

It's Island Time!

Chaotic Evil Division

Quick Summary

Decrees: vote however you like!

Blessings: team boosts are preferred!

Wills: currently they don't exist.

If you are interested in contributing to Fridays' strategies, consider filling out this Google form! Sorry; Blaseball is over, so there is no strategizing to do anymore. Mahalo for your support! Results will be looped into the Fridays "#corvid-council" on maincord. Please only commit to a submission if you are a fan of the team and intend on submitting votes towards us. Other teams are welcome to come and discuss voting strategy with us, but #corvid-council is meant for Fridays supporters only.

Also, make sure you submit your votes before ten minutes before the election results! Otherwise, the votes will not count.

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