🏝️ Hawaiʻi Fridays

It's Island Time!

Chaotic Evil Division

Season 1: 58-32, Quarter-finalists

Season 2: 59-31, Semi-finalists

Blaseball has been cancelled! Mahalo for the support!

About the Team

With only 1 Postseason appearance during the Discipline Era and 7 in the Expansion Era, the vibes seem to be improving for the Fridays. Could it finally be Island Time?

The Fridays were the second Team to be Incinerated by a Rogue Umpire in Season 24. They too were sent to the Hall of Flame.

In the Season 2 Election, former star Player York Silk received the legendary bat known as The Vibe Check, thanks to the Gunblade Bat Blessing.

Fall Ball team description

The Hawaiʻi Fridays are a team built on good vibes and chill times. Win or lose we'll have a good time every time.

We are friends with every team in the ILB, and are always here to spread good vibes, as a rising vibe lifts all ships. Our fanbase, especially on Discord, usually follows a set of principles and expectations, and we try to hold to them with every interaction.

We currently hold the record for Fastest Discipline Era Team To Party Time (being mathematically eliminated from the Playoffs) from season 9. We take great pride in our party time speedruns, and every game gives us reason to celebrate. Every victory is one step closer to playoffs, every loss is one step closer to party time and every game is a step closer to great vibes. That being said, we are still a team in the Internet League of Blaseball, and as such, we do have a desire to win, even if losing isn't necessarily a bad thing for us. Feel free to examine how we vote, although we ask that only supporters of the team contribute to our voting strategy, to avoid confusion.

In the Coronation Era, the current Era of Blaseball, Fridays are a competent team with a strong lineup and a solid, if only average, pitching rotation. For more player statistics, please meet the players on the team.

The following list was compiled by the Houston Spies fan-run website. Mahalo, Spies!