­čĆŁ´ŞĆ Hawai╩╗i Fridays

It's Island Time!

Chaotic Evil Division

Discord Principles

Ask Questions

If you are unsure about something, don't be afraid to ask about it! The Fridays are a team, and helping others out is a natural part of teamwork.

Be Accommodating

Not everyone has the same experiences as you and some chill vibes may not be as chill for others. If someone says that they feel uncomfortable with a certain topic try to change it. Maybe that requires dropping the entire conversation or moving it to a private chat with members who feel more comfortable with the topic. Someone not feeling comfortable with a certain vibe is not a judgment on you and you should not feel like you are being silenced.

Stay On Topic

The Fridays have three community spaces: the Fridays channels in the official Blaseball Discord ("Maincord"), an off-topic Discord fan club run by the former Team Captains ("Fricord"), and a server for playing games. When communicating on Maincord, please hold discussions in the appropriate channels as described in the previous slide. Extensive off-topic discussions, especially regarding food, should be taken to Fricord. The game server is intended for the organization and playing of games and other media.

Bring Positive Vibes

Blaseball & the Fridays especially are here to have fun. We encourage everyone to be as positive as possible. If someone is feeling down, lift them up. Just because we may be losing doesn't mean we shouldn't be having a good time.

It's Only A Game

Blaseball is a competitive splort but winning and losing aren't the end all and be all. There is no need to start hooliganistic rivalries, much less fights with other teams just because of a game. Everyone is here to have fun, win or lose.

Fridays Are For Everyone

There are people of various walks of life in this community so no bigotry or discrimination of any kind should be tolerated. It turns the vibe from chill to incredibly hostile and nobody should stand for it. All members are obligated to consult the moderation staff about deliberately discriminatory behaviors and the defense thereof.

Individual Vibes Affect the Group

Know what kind of vibe you are bringing into the club. Sometimes your individual vibe may be out of whack with the general vibe of the rest of the group and this may affect other people more than you realise. If you're feeling like your vibes are too out of whack then don't feel bad if you need to step away. Recenter yourself and come back when you feel you're in a better head space. Be willing to listen, and to recognize when you need to step away.

If you notice someone's vibe may not align with everyone else's, see what you can do to help so that everyone gets to enjoy the chill vibes. On the flip side, toxic positivity is not our aim. We want everyone to feel supported and heard, our strength is listening to each other and lifting each others moods. The Fridays are an island of calm in the storm that is Blaseball, let's make sure we keep it chill.

Guests & Hospitality

Sometimes the team clubhouse will receive guests from other teams. Fridays fans are expected to treat all guests in the same way they would treat any other Fridays fan, kindness & respect. If someone is being hostile, let the captains & keepers handle the situation. Do not under any circumstances escalate & go into another team's channel to harass them about it.

For visiting fans, you are very welcome to join us, even for a little while. We just ask that you stay kind, respectful, and keep our good vibes good. Blaseball can get pretty intense and world beyond that even more so. It's okay to relieve some stress, but let's try our best to keep the spirits high on our little island of perpetual Friday.

Visiting Others

It is nice to share our vibes with others & it is not uncommon for Fridays fans to go into other teams chats to hang out or discuss blaseball-related topics such as the election or lore.

While there, always keep the vibes positive & never use it as an opportunity to harass other teams. If you want, feel free to bring a gift (art, recipes, a vibing photograph, etc) to the teams as a thank you for welcoming you into their space although this is not required. Always remember to be kind & be a good guest.

Lore Principles

Work As A Team

Part of the joy of Blaseball is the collaborative community building with regards to taking care of & building our team. Before making edits to the wiki, ask for the opinion & approval of the rest of the team by using the associated talk pages. This keeps the wiki editing process collaborative and any additions that may make someone uncomfortable and potentially ruin their vibes can be addressed before the changes are made.

Keep the Wiki Vibes Alive

Remember, Blaseball is an absurdist splort and the Fridays live in a timeline of Perpetual Fridays. Lore can contradict itself but it shall not contradict the Vibe. When contributing to the Wiki, consider if any additions or changes would affect that vibe. Ask others for input if you are unsure.

Hawai╩╗i is a Real Place

Remember that Hawai╩╗i is a real place, with a real history, with real people, and real culture. You may not be a native Hawaiian so it is critical that you avoid stereotyping the people & culture of Hawai╩╗i. This is a perfect opportunity to learn more about the islands through research, specifically from Hawaiian sources. Remember that Hawai╩╗i is a multi-cultural place, and there are lots of different perspective & experiences within it. When building lore or in general discussion about the islands, consider how much of a stereotype something may be (this is not exclusive to just Hawai╩╗i). Just because a stereotype is "positive" does not mean it cannot be harmful. If someone says that something is a harmful stereotype, listen to them & work to change it. It is easy to fall into making stereotypes unintentionally, especially if you do not know they are stereotypes in the first place. Be considerate, be thoughtful & actively try to learn how to avoid harming others & their culture.

A Note about Diacriticals

The ╩╗okina is a canonical letter in the modern Hawaiian alphabet, and kahak┼Ź characters that extend the vowel sounds are equally as important for differentiating between words in the written ╩╗┼Źlelo. On the wiki, however, the actual Unicode characters can break the wiki in unexpected ways. Therefore, wiki administrators have required that usage of the ╩╗okina and all kahak┼Ź characters is only acceptable within the body text, and should never be used in page headers or in a page name. Also, due to poor font support, the ╩╗okina should be replaced with the ‘ HTML entity, which is visually equivalent.

While chatting with other Blaseball fans, it's OK to eschew the ╩╗okina and kahak┼Ź characters in favor of typing quickly as needed. However, we ask that you attempt to implement them as needed for any propaganda posts or artwork intended for mass consumption, as the Hawaiian language formally specifies diacriticals.

Also, please note: the word "Hawaiian" does not use an ╩╗okina. However, the word "Hawai╩╗i" does.