🏝️ Hawaiʻi Fridays

It's Island Time!

Chaotic Evil Division


The Hawaiʻi Fridays are known to create and possess some of the most garish, vibrant, eccentric propaganda posts in the community. Below are some examples.

It's Friday! Wind sprints (several times)! Help us get boosted! (NEW Batting/Pitching/Team Boost) Vote for things! It's island time! Who's on thwack? Shore Up-- hey, we have shores! Wow! Yeet?! We don't actually want this one but the name is funny. What's a decree?
Propaganda for the many available blessings of NEW Season 1. Created by TectonicPlates
Hey, I heard you wanted to eat the rich. Well, newsflash gamers: the Coin is rich! We can't eat the coin (yet) because she is not a gelt (probably) BUT there is ONE thing you can do against the reign of girlboss terror: Lizzy Pasta will Eat Noodle! Eat the Rich; idolize Lizzy now! Lizzy go up! Get Lizzy Pasta above the line!
One of several messages promoting the infamous Lizzy Pasta Noodle Shenanigans. Created by rory
Thomas England, Harrell, Nagomi Mcdaniel... take away our players? We'll take away your life! The day after Friday is DEICIDE (and also Friday)!
Propaganda promoting deicide. Created by rory
The Office meme, with the figure on the left having the words 'Fridays getting to Postseason 5 times' over him and the person on the right, symbolizing the Fridays, having the text 'Losing All Favorite Players to the Void' over him. Above is a constant barrage of 'Help'
The suffering we had to endure to achieve success in the Expansion Era. Created by rory
Cowabunga dudes! The Hawaiʻi Fridays have been DEAD for 365 entire fridays! Here's to another 365 more!
Celebrating one calendar year after the events of Season 24. Created by rory
Skateboard trick. 27,751 x 40 points. Nose Stall + Disaster + BS Boneless + Disaster + Axle Stall + BS Revert + Manual + 360 Fingerflip + HandStand + Handflip
A handy guide detailing our path we took in Season 24, during the events of the Black Hole. Created by r4bbitdragon
Let Fridays have psychic blood! Please we are trying to find tommy england. he is somewhere in the universe, we need it to locate him. I only just found out who he is but I think it'd be neat if we got him back. help he is dissolving into immateria as we speak.
Propaganda for the "Mind Trick" blessing. Created by TectonicPlates
Hello, where is Thomas England? If only we had psychic blood! Text is overlayed on the box score for a game that went 28 innings.
Propaganda for the "Mind Trick" blessing. Created by rory
Hawaiʻi Fridays Vibecheck the Gods
Created by jen
Dear Parker, Whale you be ours? -Hawaiʻi Fridays. PS: do you want to hold hands? we know a really cute spot on the beach it's really nice. we're coconuts for you
Valentine's Day card to the official Blaseball Twitter, run by Parker Macmillan IIIII. Created by jen
Exist or existn't, we vibe
Created by jt
The most un-un-un-un-unoptimized team in blaseball: Hawaiʻi Fridays
There were a lot of Alternates being called up for our team during Season 22. Created by honu
The Fridays would like to remind everyone to archipela-Go to the Polls, to vote for the following blessings: Skateboard, because it's cool, and Mind Trick, also because it's cool.
Propaganda for the "Mind Trick" and "Skateboard" blessings. Created by ¡ANTIMONY!
Thomas England is gone, bangers and smash is gone, give Fridays psychic blood. Bangers and Smash was his femur, what have you done with it?! We are his last tether to the immaterial plane, oh god.
Propaganda for the "Mind Trick" blessing. Created by jen
This isn't really propaganda, I just think it'd be neat if ABBA sponsored a season of blaseball.
Created by jen
Greetings, Chaotic Good Comrades! This season please join Hawaii Fridays team captain and leadoff batter Elijah Valenzuela in committing to the Chaotic Good Division Good Vibes Pledge. Through collective effort, we will strive together to maintain excellent divisional vibes. We will show solidarity, and withhold support for any blessing which would harm our Chaotic Good friends, for a rising wave lifts all boats, and we always keep it wavy.
The Chaotic Good Division Good Vibes Pledge. Created by shalmelo
Enough crying in blaseball, let the Fridays try scrying in blaseball! ooh I am looking into my crystal ball, ooh the Fridays are going to become, the scrydays
Propaganda for the blessing I forget the name of. Created by rory
A truly cursed breath mint wearing a bikini and surfing a wave.
Created for the Spearmint collaborative art project. Created by several members of the Fridays Discord